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These are our training modules. They are growing all the time. If you are new to coding you are strongly encouraged to train on the command-line modules first.

Even many professional coders need training for using the command-line interface effectively.

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The river from which all things flow.

On Windows, it is called the Command Prompt, and on Mac OSX it is called the Terminal. You will practice the fundamentals over and over, so that you will carry them with you forever.

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Python is a programming language. Many people say it is an ideal language to learn programming. This is because the code is simple and has fewer odd-looking symbols than many other coding languages.

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The foundation of the web is HTML/CSS/JS.

These trainers will help you memorise how to make static webites from scratch.

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A framework is a tool, usually part of a programming language, for making it very easy to do one thing. A web framework helps to make web apps, for example.

These trainers will help your fingers to learn the frequently-typed commands and code for several popular web frameworks, including Django, Ruby on Rails, and client-side javascript frameworks like AngularJS and React.

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These trainers will get you started with learning how to create small programs, and compile them...from memory. C is the language of the world of embedded hardware, and most new programming languages have their roots in C and C++.

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Raspberry Pi's and Arduinos! These trainers use a visual simulation of the hardware to make it easy for you to start learning and memorising the code you'll need for your next robotics project.

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