Coding for everyone

Like many of you, we know how challenging it can be to learn to code. Despite some great online lessons, it can often be difficult for absolute beginners to bridge the gap. Learning to code can seem confusing. We also know how difficult it can be to remember what you’ve learned.

So we did a lot of thinking and loads of research on how learning actually takes place. How could we make learning to code an experience that was simple, easy and powerful?

First, the research confirms that repetition is important in the wiring of the human brain, or the forming of connections between the brain cells. In fact, repetition is crucial for learning new languages, amongst other things. Without forming these connections it is impossible to retain what you are trying to learn.

So the facts show that simple repetition can have a powerful impact on learning and (drumroll!…) research also tells us that spaced repetitions are even better!

Spacing learning over time produces substantial learning benefits.

It facilitates long-term remembering. It enables us to store information in memory in a way that makes the information more resistant to forgetting than non-spaced repetitions, leading to better long-term knowledge retention!

In fact, this effect was first mentioned as long ago as 1885 in a book on memory and the idea of spaced repetitions uses specifically for improving learning was first proposed in 1932 in the book Psychology of Study.

Codermoji’s user interface design is about keeping learning as simple as possible. Less is more, because we want to focus only on what is really necessary! We are also pleased to tell you that Codermoji’s training environment simulates the a real world desktop (we told you it was effective! )

With these objectives in mind, Codermoji was born in 2015.

What will you do with your new knowledge?

What will you build?

How will you share it with the world?

About the founder

  • Caleb Hattingh. Say hi on twitter!
  • First computer owned in 1993. It had two colors (including black )
  • Passionate about coding
  • Masters degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Coding for 15 years mainly with Python and Delphi
  • Has written a great deal of scientific software within chemical engineering, from dynamic chemical reactor models all the way through to data-munging. 
  • Lots of experience with the Python scientific software stack
  • CRM / financial software development in the hotels and hospitality industry
  • Frontend web experience using HTML / Sass / Javascript (and I love RactiveJS)
  • Web app experience with Django and web2py
  • Speaker at PyCon AU 2015 in both education and Python
  • CoderDojo Mentor 2015
  • Software Carpentry helper
  • Govhack 2014 Winner: "Best use of Brisbane Transportation Data"
  • Unearthed Hackathon 2015
  • NASA Space Apps Hackathon 2015 
  • Soon-to-be O’Reilly author: "Introduction to Cython" screencast

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